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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silver Care Toothbrushes – soft is just fine!

 There has been some concern lately regarding the recent information that the soft bristles on our Silver Care toothbrush are made of Tynex.

The primary reason the Norwex Toothbrush is so effective is because of the silver- plating on the toothbrush head and not because of the bristles.

It is the silver that is the major benefit. Lab testing conducted by the manufacturer and by independent labs has conclusively shown time and again, that the head of the Silver Care toothbrush carries a much reduced bacterial load because of the silver-plating.

The difference in bacterial loads of the Silver Care brush and a regular brush is not too noteworthy after 3 hours, but between 3 – 6 hours, the microbial load on the Silver Care toothbrush drops dramatically – resulting in a much cleaner brush the next time it is used. This means that we can remove more of the bacteria from our mouths that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Because harder bristles are known to potentially damage tooth enamel and can be irritating/damaging for the gums, dentists and hygienists will always recommend a soft bristled brush. If people do choose the medium toothbrush, running it under hot water prior to use can help to soften the bristles somewhat.

Tech Talk by Candi Bezte, Norwex Science & Technical Advisor 

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